Forged FFD Srl is a fast-growing company that is built on the foundation of decades of experience in design, manufacturing, and supply of forged flanges, fittings, and dismantling joints, and more recently marine loading arms. Our vast knowledge and continued development and determination has put us in a position to compete against some of the strongest international companies in our field.

We are strategically located in Lonate Ceppino in the industrial are just north of Milan, which places us a short drive from Italy’s largest airport, Malpensa, and close to the port of Genoa with easy access to many major shipping lanes.

Forged FFD has made a lasting commitment to providing a high quality 100% Made in Italy product designed to work efficiently, reliably, and economically. In addition, we always work to ensure that our products are delivered fast and on-time, always when needed.

Forged FFD uses the most up-to-date equipment for machining, assembling and testing of the products in a full compliance with quality standards like numerous overhead and jib cranes and other lifting equipment, lathes, milling machines, electric hacksaws, using the multiple workstations in accordance with the flange and dismantling joint dimensions.

Forged FFD can perform inhouse-testing up to 140’’ thanks to our laboratory and test benches which can do both classic hydraulic / gas tests and non-destructive tests.

Our employees take personal pride in all stages of production and delivery and are committed to satisfying the widest range of clients, maintaining the highest internationally accepted standards, and providing excellent customer service. These commitments are carried out on a daily basis, from the point of first contact, throughout the entire production and delivery process, and during after sales service.
At FFD we have made it our mission to Forge the strongest bond with our customers, through our products.